Hi, I am

Peter Vavro

  • the full-stack web & mobile developer;
  • with analytical and critical thinking;
    passionate for clean, tested code;
    self-starter able to deliver on time;
    ability to execute new ideas with autonomy;
The developer you're looking for.
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Who am I ?

A Full-Stack Engineer, interested in programming since 1994. My main focus nowadays is in creating accessible digital experiences using JavaScript / Typescript. It is have been 19+ years since I discovered JS and I feel comfortable in both, front and back end. My experience in front-end web and mobile: React (7+ years), React Native, Vue.js (4+ years), AngularJS and many other interesting frameworks and libraries. In back-end, 9+ years with Node.js working with various frameworks and libraries.

Technologies I'm focused on currently

  • since 2016 | 7 years ago.

    I often work with the MATERIAL-UI library, sometimes combined with Redux, MobX to manage application state. Refs, context, Higher-Order Component, Memoization, and also SSR using Next.js. React is my favorite library.

  • since 2019 | 4 years ago.

    Really nice framework I had opportunity to work with in a few projects. BTW, I used NuxtJS to build this website.

  • since 2019 | 4 years ago.

    In 85% of the projects I've worked on over the last few years, TypeScript was the language we used.

  • since 2014 | 9 years ago.

    My favorite JavaScript runtime server environment. I had opportunities to work with various Node.js frameworks, mainly Express.js, Sails.js, LoopBack, Koa.js and HapiJS.

Things I've helped build

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